We believe that empathy, simplicity & purposeful design can transform businesses & products into beloved brands that form emotional connections with users.

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Ashley Schoenknecht

Design Director

As a seasoned creative with over ten years of experience, I’ve worked in-house, contract, and remote for agencies, startups, and corporations all the way from Boston to San Francisco. I work quickly, am detail-oriented, and am a strategic, forward-thinking Designer.

Currently settled in the small mountain community of Truckee, CA, I’m available to partner with small businesses on their unique design needs, or on a contract basis with larger organizations.

Outside of Ascend, you’ll find me off-roading in my Jeep, teaching elementary art, skiing at Alpine or making my own clothing. I have a passion for the handmade and contribute to the local art community by inspiring others via my work at Atelier.


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Branding and Visual Identity

Brand Positioning & Content Strategy

Website Design

Product Design, UI/UX

Illustration & Iconography

Elevating, rebranding your current brand

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